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Q: What you must know about anti aging? Girl in Mirror

Ans.: Anti-aging is a process which slows down the normal aging of a person. It also refers to the process of preventing and reversing the process of aging. The main goal is to stay young and look youthful. The first strand of gray hair or the slightest wrinkle, worries almost everyone. It announces the onset of the aging process. People spend huge money in the attempt to stay young by visiting weight consultants and dietitians.

People are becoming more knowledgeable and conscious today. They are aware of the fact that slowing down the aging process is in fact possible. There are a few therapies discussed below that claim to help prevent the aging process. It is yet to be proven whether they can actually slow down the process, but scientific evidence suggests, that through these therapies, the cause of aging can actually be suppressed.

Q: What are the causes of aging?

Ans.: There are many theories on aging. Scientists believe free radicals to be the main culprit. Free radicals, otherwise called oxygen radicals, injure the cells and this results in the appearance of aging. Free radicals are produced through the breathing process. Apart from the free radical theory, it is also an established fact that our lifestyle is directly related to rapid aging. Negative lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, or getting insufficient amounts of sleep can contribute to the acceleration of the aging process. Other factors, which include but are not limited to: loss of muscle mass, sleepless nights or insomnia, a decline in hormones, a lack of energy, a high insulin level in the blood, high cortisol levels, a lack of libido, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, depression, increased stress and bone thinning can also play a vital role in the aging process.

Q: Can aging be stopped?

Ans.: Most People would like to stay young and look beautiful. If given a chance we would love to stop or slow down our aging process. The easiest way to stay young is to maintain a healthy lifestyle that discourages the onset of chronic illnesses. Anti-aging medications can be prescribed to help alleviate a decreasing quality of life. Increasing the level of hormones and having a positive attitude toward life i.e., making some alteration in the way we live can actually delay the aging process.

Supplements for Anti Aging process:
◦Aspirin: To date, heart attacks are considered to be the most common cause of disability and death. Heart attacks are caused by abnormal blockages developed inside the arteries. Another cause of disability and death are strokes; strokes occur when there is a blockage in the blood vessels of the brain. Aspirin makes the blood thinner and helps in maintaining a smooth blood flow in the arteries and blood vessels. It has a long-term result on the blood platelets and help keeps the blood from becoming thick and clumpy.
◦Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate: To maintain cellular energy amino acid L-carnitine channels the fat to the mitochondria through the cell membrane. The fats then boost the cellular energy by oxidization in the mitochondria. In a published study, it was observed that members of a group called Life Extension was enjoying the benefit of Acetyl-L-Carnitine as supplements. Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate, a patent form of carnitine, stimulates neuritis outgrowth in the brain by almost 19.5%. This is equal to the factor of Nerve Growth. Acetyl-L-carnitine Arginate has been found to increase the benefits of Acetl-l-Carnitine. They have a combined action on the growth of neurite.
◦Couple Coenzyme Q 10: This element is essential for a healthy and proper function of mitochondria. As a natural product of our body Coenzyme Q10 regulates the oxidation of fats and sugar in the cell augmenting energy. Mitochondria, the “energy power house” produces 95% of cellular energy. Findings state that older people have 50% less of Coenzyme Q10 than a young person. It is the deficiency of Coenzyme Q10 in the older person that leads to various mitochondrial age related diseases.
◦Lipoic Acid: It is a highly effective and powerful antioxidant. In Mitochondria it neutralizes the reactive free radicals. Scientists consider that the free radical in the mitochondria has a significant role in the aging process and that the lipoic acid slows down the aging process by counterbalancing the extra free radicals.
◦Lipoic Acid effectively recycles antioxidants like Vitamin E into their original form after they detoxify the free radicals. Glycation damages occur due to the surplus of glucose level in the blood. Glycation damage initiates aging. Lipoic Acid helps in reducing the Glycation damage.
◦Lipoic Acid has two forms: the ‘R’ form and the ‘S’ form. The R form is biologically active and a native of our body. The R form in the Lipoic Acid is responsible for its antioxidant properties. The S form however is biologically inactive and synthetic in nature. It is chemically produced.
◦Carnosine: It is a chemical combination of two amino acid called beta-alanine and L-histidine. This has great antioxidant effects and it is present both in food and human body. A high concentration of Carnosine is found in human tissues like the brain, skeletal muscle, nerve tissue, and heart muscle. With age, the level of Carnosine decreases. There is a 63% decrease in the muscle tissue level within the span of age from 10 to 70. This may account for a normal decline in the muscle function that is age related.
◦Carnosine, an anti-aging and anti oxidant dipeptide is also a pH buffer. It prevents aging and augments the rejuvenation of cells. It protects the cell membranes of muscles from oxidation, in acidic conditions, due to muscular exertion. The heart muscle contracts more effectively due to presence of Carnosine, which enhances the response of calcium in muscle cell of the heart (heart myocytes). Glycation damage causes aging leading to wrinkles in the face and other age-related disorders like weaker eyesight, nerve and vascular problems, etc. The use of Carnosine supplements helps prevent the aging process by combating free radicals as well as glycation.
◦Dehydroepiandrostetone or DHEA: DHEA is an adrenal hormone. It is also the antecedent or originator for steroids produced by the human body like testosterone and estrogen. The human body has a rich resource of DHEA which plays a pivotal role in anti aging. But the most striking fact is that DHEA diminishes rapidly as we age, this is the same for both males and females.
◦We came to know about DHEA when an article was published in 1981 by the Life Extension Foundation. The article focused on the multiple advantages the hormone has on our body. The Life Extension Foundation pointed out that DHEA hormones can actually help in preventing the aging process by increasing the production of DHEA in our body. Until 1996 people were unaware about its many benefits. It was however popularized by books and media. The relationship between DHEA and anti-aging was recognized by the New York Academic of Sciences when they published a book bases on this topic. This publication gave credibility to DHEA among the medical fraternity; it also provided scientific justification on the many anti-aging effects of DHEA.
◦Melatonin: Beneath the brain is our pineal gland. The Pinealocytes in the pineal glands produce the Melatonin hormone. This hormone is also produced by the GI tract, retina, lens and other tissues. The Melatonin hormone is a very effective antioxidant and helps in preventing the aging process – hence the name “pacemaker of the aging process.” Studies show that Melatonin protects us from various degenerative diseases that are caused as a result of the aging process.
◦Due to our time bound biorhythms, melatonin gets released every night to induce sleep. We get rejuvenated from the fatigues to start a new day because of Melatonin. This hormone is found in both human and other animals.
◦Extract of Green Tea: Scientific publications state the manifold natural benefits of green tea extract. The most significant benefits are the maintenance of cellular DNA and the integrity of membrane structure. Green tea also reduces the growth of unnecessary cell colonies. The two potent and active antioxidants present in Green Tea are Polyphenols (also called catechins) and flavonols. Numerous catechins in the Green Tea have made it very beneficial which has led to its widespread popularity. EGCG (Egigallont gallate) is one of the most powerful catechins. It is an antioxidant which is almost 25 to 100 times more effective than any other antioxidant like Vitamin C and E.
◦A cup of green tea gives us 10-40 mg of Polyphenols and the antioxidant effect is comparatively more than a serving of spinach, carrot, broccoli and strawberries. The presence of the high level of antioxidant in the green tea protects the body from the damages caused by free radicals. These beneficial effects of green tea are leading to its worldwide popularity.
◦Fish Oil: The presence of Omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil suggests to prevent heart disease. This was revealed in a study conducted by the National Institute of Health. Conclusive results are yet to be proved that EPA and DHA although Omega 3 fatty acids do lessen the risk of coronary heart diseases. Various indicators are in favor of the benefits of fish oil. The latest government report states that fish oil contains the triglyceride lowering effect, which contributes to the reduction of heart and blood vessel disorders. It also maintains a healthy flow of blood in the arteries.
◦Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12: Every year cardio vascular disease claims almost 40% of 2.4 million deaths in USA. It is estimated that approximately 64% of people in the USA suffer from cardio vascular diseases. The presence of too much Homocysteine in the blood leads to blood clots which increases the risk of heart attacks and endangers lives. Researchers are of the opinion that Homocysteine has LDLs (low-density lipoprotein) which trigger cardio vascular risk. Homocysteine is a nonessential amino acid that contains sulfur; it can be reduced by the increased intake of foods rich in folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.
◦L-Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC): L-Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine is a phosphatidylcholine byproduct. It assists in boosting acetylcholine. Numerous brain phospholipids are synthesized with the help of GPC, which increases acetylcholine in the brain tissues. Cognition declines normally with age but GPC helps to prevent this decline.
◦Testosterone: The hormone which plays a significant role in the sex drive of men and women is Testosterone. It diminishes with age. Testosterone is known to maintain bone density, muscle mass and physical strength. Testosterone is often used as a topical cream by both men and women; oral and injectable treatment management are also available.
◦Estrogen and Progesterone: These are the two female steroid sex hormones. They are key to maintaining bone density, sexual function, mental function and strength in women. These two hormones counteract against the effects of menopause. Age-related memory problems can be treated by Estrogen. Estrogen and Progesterone are found in a variety of forms like natural, synthetic, oral or tropical. A replacement for drug estrogen can be obtained from plant-derived phytoestrogens. Though safe, it has weak estrogenic activities. A natural estrogen is preferred and exclusively designed for this function.
◦Calorie Restriction: The best method known for anti aging is the reduction of calorie intake through foods that are nutrient rich. It has been proven to radically extend the lifespan. Roy Walford, an expert on this topic, calls it “under-nutrition without malnutrition”.

Q: What are the problems that can be controlled and overcome by anti-aging process?

Ans.: When we reach middle age we wish that we could look a bit younger. For this, we try many different procedures and recommended products for anti aging. With age,we experience diminishing energy, sluggishness, too much weight gain, general weakness and fatigue, sleeplessness or insomnia, loss of strength, and less interest in sexual activities. The anti-aging process can minimize all of these age-related problems.

Patients need to review all supplements and medications with a physician before initiating treatment.