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Physician Prescribed Cosmeceuticals

Free of Preservatives:
Preservatives such as parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl and butylparaben) are found in 95% of all personal care products and account for 27% of contact dermatitis. Parabens mimic estrogen which some scientists believe may be linked to breast cancer. Parabens also contribute to lowered sperm count, lowered testosterone levels, testicular atrophy, infertility, increased testicular cancer, and undescended testes. Hylunia only uses natural ingredients to preserve product integrity and extend shelf life.

Free of Endocrine Disruptors:
Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that mimic or block hormones, which can result in DNA alternation and mutation. Endocrine disruptors include dioxin, tricoslan (anti-bacterial agent), resorcinol (found in chemical peels and hair dyes), PCBs, phthalates and preservatives such as parabens (methyl, ethyl, butyl and propyl).

Free of Potential Carcinogens:
Human and animal scientific studies have demonstrated that certain ingredients can be potentially cancerous (alone or by indirectly reacting with other ingredients). These include diethanolamine (DEA), ethoxylated surfactants such as laureth and polysorbate (ethylene oxide and dioxane), various D&C and FD&C dyes, petroleum solvents, hydroquinone (skin lightening ingredient) and talc.

Free of Genotoxins and Neurotoxins:
Genotoxins are chemical compounds that are capable of causing genetic mutation and DNA alteration which contributes to the development of tumors. Some ingredients in skin care products are known to be genotoxic, such as formaldehyde (preservative) and ethylene oxide (found in cleansers). Neurotoxins include heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury (traditionally found in clay/mud/volcanic masks).

Free of Fragrance and Parfum:
Fragrance accounts for 30% of contact dermatitis. Inflammation created by fragrance slows the wound healing process. Additionally, almost 5,000 chemicals used in fragrance can react with other ingredients present in skin care products to become indirect carcinogens and act as an allergen.

Free of Lanolin:
Lanolin accounts for 5% of contact dermatitis. In addition, lanolin, derived from sheep, can be an endocrine disruptor because carcinogens such as Dioxane and DDT may be present in the grass that the sheep ingest.

Free of Propylene Glycol:
Propylene Glycol, a known allergen, accounts for 5% of contact dermatitis and inflammation.

Free of Alcohol:
Alcohol dries and irritates the skin which causes inflammation. Also, alcohol dissolves the lipid barrier, resulting in severe dryness and itching.

Free of Dyes:
Dyes are organic compounds and known to be carcinogenic (D&C and FD&C dyes). Continuous use may cause irritation, inflammation and free radical damage.

Free of Animal and Human Derived Ingredients:
Many skin care companies use animal and human derived ingredients such as collagen peptides, elastin, growth factors, pancreatic enzymes and human fibroblast media which need high percentages of preservatives to extend shelf life and fragrance to mask the unpleasant odor. As a result, animal and human derived ingredients can cause irritation to the skin and counteract the intended benefits. Hylunia is an Ayurvedic company and uses only natural, pharmaceutical (USP, NF) grade and organically grown ingredients.