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Skin Care Products





◦Facial Cleanser: Deep cleansing alpha-hydroxy acid cleanser for even the most sensitive skin. Lifts away impurities and makeup while maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance. Use AM and PM
◦Salicylic Cleansing Gel: Double action cleansing with alpha and beta hydroxy acids which removes oil and debris from the sebaceous follicles. Recommended for oily/acne skin types. Use AM and PM
◦Liquid Soap: Gentle, but effective, all purpose non-alkaline face, scalp, and body cleanser recommended for sensitive and problematic skin. Use AM and PM.

◦Glycolic Home Treatment: The ultimate rejuvenating facial treatment formulated with natural fruit acids, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins. Recommended for all skin types. Use AM and PM.
◦Glycolic Body Treatment: A leave on exfoliating treatment formulated for calloused and rough areas of the body. Also fades sun spots. Follow with Reconstructive Crème for best results. Use daily.
◦Post Laser Enzyme Mask: A gentle, debriding mask for post laser surgery. The enzymes break down scar tissue and smooth the rough edges of skin surface. Also recommended for acne/oily skin and for those with sensitivities towards glycolic or alpha-hydroxy acids.

Rejuvenation and Repair
◦Beyond Complex C: A one of a kind, breakthrough formula that stimulates cell renewal, restores a youthful glow and minimizes wrinkles by 15-25% within twelve days. Specifically formulated to minimize inflammation while enhancing collagen synthesis and reducing redness. Use AM and PM.
◦Skin Lightening Treatment: A botanical, non-hydroquinone home care treatment designed to fade sunspots, melasma, chloasma, freckles, and other similar hyper pigmented skin conditions. Use daily.
◦Advanced Acne Treatment: An antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and healing leave-on treatment that exfoliates, calms, and heals acne while minimizing breakouts and clogged pores. Use daily.

Healing and Hydration
◦Super Hydrating Facial Day Lotion: A daytime healing and anti-aging treatment with sun protection that can be applied under makeup. Excellent for patients using Retin-A, after glycolic peels, or other exfoliation procedures. Use in the AM.
◦Pure Hyaluronic Acid Solution: This is an oil-free, ultra lightweight, pharmaceutical grade solution that intensely hydrates the skin and helps in healing of damaged and wounded skin. Use AM and PM.
◦Post Laser Hydrating Treatment: A rich cream that provides excellent hydration needed to heal and repair wounded skin. Contains a high concentration of hyaluronic complex solution and anti-aging ingredients. It also works well as a therapeutic treatment for dehydrated, mature, and aging skin. Also recommended for disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. Use AM and PM.
◦Professional Hydrating Treatment: A lightweight, soothing serum that provides excellent hydration needed for normal and oily/acneic skin.
◦Reconstructive Crème: An incredibly concentrated, super moisturizing, nourishing treatment perfect for dry skin anywhere on the body. Hyaluronic Reconstructive Crème contains hyaluronic complex solution which assists in healing. Great for eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, as well as after radiation and burns. Use AM and PM.